We maintain the largest and modern training fleet

The best facilities in the country with world-class aviation technology

The Philippines' top and largest flying school with students from 25 different countries

Our alumni are now employed in different major airlines and charter companies

Airworks Aviation Academy

Founded in 1993, Airworks Aviation has grown steadily through the years to become the top flying school in the Philippines. In response to the continued surge in demand for pilots around the world, the school has expanded in Cebu, the Philippines’ version of paradise, offering the best mix of education, commerce and leisure.

Why Us?

Sean Velasco: Conquering the Fast Lane and the Sky

Determination is the key to success, but doing what you love is of great factor for the (young) racing car driver turned pilot, Sean Kieran Velasco. From a child who simply enjoyed playing racing games on PlayStation, Sean’s career has soared and accelerated all at... read more

From Strings to Wings

To have a flourishing career in aviation was not an easy start for a 27-year-old, David Abesamis de Koenigswarter. David first earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Organizational Communication at De La Salle University in Manila. While others smoothly made it to the... read more

Love is in the Air With This In-flight Proposal

            In-flight announcements can be pretty easy to ignore for many frequent flyers, but one pilot recently used the intercom for a very important announcement that certainly got one passenger’s attention. In the video, First... read more