In-flight announcements can be pretty easy to ignore for many frequent flyers, but one pilot recently used the intercom for a very important announcement that certainly got one passenger’s attention.


In the video, First Officer Mehrdad Amirkamali is seen speaking over the intercom on a Cebu Pacific flight traveling from Cagayan de Oro City to Cebu City. As he updates other passengers with the flight coordinates, he takes the time to introduce his girlfriend Fara Mora. He then proceeds to ask her for marriage.

Inspired  proposals have probably been flooding everyone's timelines for a while now, from concert proposals to flash mobs. But an in-flight engagement definitely gets some points for uniqueness.

Mehrdad Amirkamali is from Iran who spent a few years instructing at Airworks Aviation Academy, and then was hired by Cebu Pacific Airlines in 2016 as a First Officer pilot for ATR.