With the growing number of aviation schools that entices promising careers and offers, finding and choosing the right flight school can be confusing especially for new students. Here are some sound tips that can help you figure out a wise flight school choice.

1. Under Quoting Rates Unfortunately, a lot of flight schools are not transparent enough when you ask for a quote or budget. Instead, they give low quotations for certain programs or certificates based on the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) minimum required time. To avoid this, verify beforehand the student’s completion rates while on training and not the CAAP minimum. Be wary of schools that demand up front 100% cash.

2. Lying About Airplane and Instructor Availability A number of flight schools give you an impression that they’re bigger than they are when they only have one or two aircrafts and limited number of staff.  For new students, enrol in a school that has enough number of aircrafts and instructors. If you’re invited for a tour, ask them to show you their facilities including ALL the airplanes that they have. There are some flight schools that only show one impressive aircraft to potential students.

3. Accelerated Flight Training If you’re one of the students who want immediate certification, you need to be cautious with a flight school that offers accelerated flight training programs.  Do your homework and ask the length for average students to complete the course and the cost. Choose the school that can give you honest completion times. If the school promises less than a year of training, chances are they are over promising. Even in top schools in USA, training takes a lot more than just 12 months.

4. Lying about IFR training There are only few schools in the Philippines that offer excellent Instrument Flight Rating (IFR) training. Make sure that the school you are enrolling is doing the actual Instrument Flying (not just flight simulator), plus better if they have night flying too! Complete airline-standard IFR training involves actual cross-country IFR flights encompassing RNAV/ILS aside from just VOR. To be sure, just check the airports where the flight school regularly trains. If these airports don’t have regular airline flights, chances are these can’t be used for IFR training.

Instrument Rating in Cebu
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5. Guaranteed Flying Jobs Many flying schools are giving you a guarantee of flight instructor jobs once you graduate. But how can any business possibly guarantee a job to someone that they never even met before? Stay away from flying schools that offer sweeping guarantees!

6. Financial Capability Make sure you’re enrolling to reputable flying schools that have long history of business and of course, “excellent training”. These schools must have solid foundation financially, of management team and employees. Check their partners, investors and even owners!

Choosing the right flight school that can somehow push you closer to your dream can be quite tough, especially if you have multiple aviation school options. Consider these helpful tips and opt for the school that not only best suits your individual needs, but ensures their student’s safety and has an established name.



About the author:

Aviation School CebuCapt. Ichiro A. Ueda is a Filipino-Japanese pilot unlike any other. His dreams to become a pilot can be traced back to his grandfather's early adult years where his grandfather served the Japanese Empire during the height of World War II.

This aviation desire was passed on to Capt. Ueda's father who worked day and night to be able to afford the aviation dream. Time came when finally everything is ready but his father was starting to be weak thus passing this dream to Capt. Ueda.

Capt. Ichiro Ueda's desire for flying is unmeasurable. He knew that this will be the path for him at an early age.  Currently, he’s now working as flight instructor, sharing his passion and dreams of flying.