Airworks Aviation Academy president Capt. Vincent Ong was invited on August 11 to view Embraer’s latest jet, the Legacy 500. Claudio Camelier (VP for Middle East and Asia Pacific for Embraer) was on hand to show around the plane. The Legacy 500 is one of the most sophisticated and advanced jet in the world today, featuring glass-cockpit, fly-by-wire technology and auto-throttle among many other ultra-modern features. Embraer is the 3rd largest jet manufacturer in the world and a leader in business jets.

With glass-cockpit being the standard of today’s commercial jets, training in a flying school with such technology provides a critical advantage for aspiring pilots. Airworks Aviation is the only flying school in the country that has both simulator and plane equipped with Garmin G1000, the world standard for glass-cockpit ab-initio training.

Capt Joy Roa (Asian Air Safari), Claudio Camelier (VP Middle East and Asia Pacific for Embraer), Norberto Ong (President of Wynn Ward Howell) Vincent Ong (President of Airworks Aviation Co. Inc.)