Congratulations to all of our students who graduated last May 18, 2019 and who now join our hundreds of strong global alumni networks with over 30 countries represented. It marks the beginning of a long and wonderful journey of bringing people around the world together.

Our students from South Korea, Iran, Japan and Afghanistan

The 26th Commencement Ceremony was held at the Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino in Lapu-lapu City, Cebu, Philippines. The event was participated by Capt. Antonio Salgado Jr., Special Assistant - IOOC of Philippine Airlines as our Keynote Speaker.

Capt. Salgado pointed out 3 things that a pilot must have; Knowledge, Skills and Attitude.

Airworks Aviation Academy also commended the top awardees:

**Best in Academics **

Best in Academics – Liandro Miguel de Paula (Bacolod City)


Achievement Award in Academics:

Rule Lymen Lagumbay (Lapu-lapu City)

John Carlo Canda (Lapu-lapu City)


**Best in-Flight Simulator Award**

Best in-Flight Simulator Award- Martin Kevin Ledesma (Cebu City)

Achievement Award in Simulator:

Jet Aviv Reyes (Italy)

Waldolf Joachim Carbonell (Manila City)

**Best in Flight Award **

Best in Flight Award – Clarice Ann Sali  (Zamboanga City)


Achievement Award in Flying: Martin Kevin Ledesma (Cebu City) and Liandro Miguel de Paula (Bacolod City)


Producing world-class Pilots with a passion to serve the society is our ethos and we find a great sense of fulfillment in what Airworks have achieved through the years.To the graduates, we are honored to be a part of your milestone. Soar higher. We wish you all the best on your next endeavors in life.