Whether you’re considering a career as a pilot or a long-time aviation enthusiast, there are plenty of advantages to earning your license. Here’s why becoming a pilot is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make: 

Office in the Sky - It’s no secret that pilots have the best vantage point around. When you work as a pilot, you get to experience the world from a fresh perspective and explore new corners of the sky each time you fly.

Experience New Destinations - Becoming a pilot allows you to experience new destinations, whether you fly around your country or the world. Flying is one of the ultimate travel jobs. Take off in one city, land in another and explore new countries and cultures.

Endless Career Opportunities – It might not happen overnight, but eventually, you’ll have these moments when you understand the magnitude of flight and how immense of privilege to become a pilot. This career can open the door to a variety of exciting opportunities around the world.

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Freedom and Adventure - There’s no doubt about it, flying provides a sensation of freedom and adventure that you can only find high up in the sky. It’s crazy how a simple machine can travel so fast through the air.

Exciting Financial Rewards – Every other year, the Philippine Statistics Authority releases the Occupational Wages Survey, which lists the average monthly pay of different jobs across several industries. The survey reveals that aircraft pilots, flight engineers, and navigators are the highest-paid employees in the Philippines.

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Learn to Make Good Decisions – As you move forward, you will gain knowledge that you never thought you would need to know. You will become better at planning and logical decision making. Also, you will learn good resource management, which includes on how to be patient and to operate the aircraft safely, with a sense of urgency.

These are just some of the very few reasons why going into the aviation industry and making a career out of it, is one of the best decisions you can make. Airworks Aviation Academy can help you get started on achieving your lifelong goals. Many of our past students and instructors have gone on to work for airlines as well as corporate jobs in the industry.